Friday, June 20, 2008

nosy people get it too

Franklin flooded. Tyler took photos.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Friday, June 6, 2008

building the dream with elevators in it

"all your money will be wasted on beer and cabs"

snitch mobile!
probably not going to montreal

~first night on handicam~

-next day

fuck yeah!
pj ladd spot

-we want to find a place with a shower
what you find in a motel room that costs 30/hr
what you find in a motel room that costs 30/hr
about to eat the worst meal of our lives in the most depressing restaurant i've visited
kfc sells out. it stands for something unAmerican
finally. we can read a stop sign.

these three shots in thimble form are about the equivalent of one at the fish

the bar had a miniramp! and accepted our $$$$s


-Hey, do you take real money? (flash Benjamin)
-Oh, so you want this play money? (drop random unAmerican bills on counter)
-I can't wait to vote for McCain in the election.

blame canada

apparently this plastic biodegrades

good food for a change
what up babe
duty flee
this is showing how cigarettes make your dick limp
they record both your motions and speech on video!!!!

the customs dudes were dicks. they didn't believe we were american. in canada they let us watch while they searched the car. in america they didn't let us watch and when we got back we noticed marks all along the passenger side of the car that we hadn't seen before. the dude who was questioning us hated me because i was laughing the whole time. he asked me what was funny and i didn't respond. he asked me if i wore my tshirt in front of my parents. i told him i hadn't seen my parents since i'd been given it. he gave me my shit back and then i put it in my flannel pocket. then he asked me what was in my pocket. i told him it was the things he just examined and then dared him to call me out on it. he let me go.
god bless america
both her cheeks and breasts protrude
fuck yeah, back to the land of cheap gas. 84 dollar canadian fillups are doint.

~then to beatrice~