Thursday, January 31, 2008

i said newark i landed in newark

from my birthday

at andrews apartment. i have four 40s leftover from when danny got really high and bring them along.
jake comes down and is suitably attired for this festive occasion
the first friend i made at nyu! first day i saw him in the cafeteria wearing a matix shirt so i sat down and we started bro'ing. i've been calling him simkiss for so long that i have trouble getting in the habit of using his more epic new nickname of 'quist. as in johnny quist.
want to laugh this hard? listen to van halen singing when it's just the vocals that he laid down. it's somewhere online. ask seth if you can't find it.

(wade's photo deleted)

first note that this is a real id and there is a percentage sign in the address for some reason. then you ask, jake has wate oates from the virgins id? word. that's pretty cool. so are the virgins
we were watching shotgun and the seth brau shows up. since we're watching shotgun, why aren't we shotgunning beers he asks. without waiting for an answer he goes out to the deli and returns with a sixpack of tall boys! PBR even. so we kill them on his front porch. there are only five of us, and seth mans up and downs a second one immediately after the first. epic!
oops! jake couldn't keep his shotgun down! it was probably a lowkey strategy to open up more room for once we get to the bar.
isaac is so sick. so is sean. i probably see sean on the streets between classes more than i see anyone. it's always a treat.
samo and the mickster! the only bro i've ever made from actual class at nyu is mickey.

galen and the mickster downing jaegar! thanks to everybody who bought me shots, mickey and dean and lucian and isaac and maybe other people? things are getting hazy

i think we all saw this coming
i think mickey is making the sign of his band. he is also with a bandmate in this photo. the band is called white arrows and they're really good.
you'd know the gang if you were in it

i forgot a pen today so i went in to commerce and copped one. just one of the many services they provide to me.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

the highest i've ever seen anyone

i turned 22 at midnight last night. weiss comes down to celebrate since he will be turning 21 at the same moment. the plan is to drink some brews at my place and then go to beatrice. he also brings weed so we can get high! neither of us have much money so we walk down to the cheap chinatown bodega for 40s.the cop car is cruising and then wheels up onto the sidewalk and we wonder why they are stopping so abruptly. then one of them gets out and goes into the dunkin donuts that you can kind of make out in the back of the picture.

this guy starts talking to us and is trying to tell us a story about spiderman2. he isn't making much sense. he asks us where we are from because he says it sounds like we have accents. i tell him i'm from indiana. weiss says he hails from the upper west. "Then you're west indian" the dude says. epic!
the next imagine in my series of colt 45 pictures, complete with special guest!. $2.25 now

so at this point in the night we're chilling. we smoked a joint and then weiss asks if we should smoke some more. i get out my roomate's gnarly gravity bong thing. (none of us have seen this kid the entire year but when we were opening up this box that looked like it was supposed to have a toaster in it we find the bong and a pipe.)( if you're curious. it's the one that costs 20 dollars. it fills up like an accordion.) weiss takes a hit. i'm doing mine and next thing i know he is sounding like he's about to throw up in my bathroom
he says he feels like his lungs are on fire and i tell him it's no big deal. then he gets high and starts laughing
he is trying to focus his vision on me using the doors as his aperture? this is what really sets him off and he can't speak for the next ten minutes as he laughs the entire time harder than anyone i have ever seen. i can't stop laughing either and its great until he starts telling me he feels like he is going to die. he keeps saying he's serious but i can't bring myself to believe him and i am still laughing but he continues asking me to stop because he swears he's for real.
if anyone else's shirt was unbuttoned so low i would know he was actually in trouble but with weiss i still can't be sure

all within the course of three minutes
-i think my appendix burst
-look at me
-will you feel my stomach. i swear i can feel this huge bump on it.
-i'm okay right?
-galen, seriously
-my throat's constricting
-my hand is going numb
-oh god, galen
weiss and my roommate joey surfing the web in search of info about busting an appendix or puncturing a lung, which weiss also thinks is a possiblity
i'm calling people i know that smoke weed so they can convince danny, and me too now, that it's impossible for him to die from getting high. my aim conversations are probably pretty nuts at this point too. danny insists on the distinction that he is dying from some side effect of laughing so hard but that it is still completely serious. i'm trying to decide whether to keep laughing or be worried. i'm telling him to go to sleep but he says that he's in too much pain and he wants me to stay in the room even though he's freaking me out so much that i want to leave. he is saying that he is dying and that i should call an ambulance and i'm asking him if i should really call one and then he won't commit but he won't tell me that he was going to be fine either. i'm obviously high but not initially convinced he's dying. i'm now starting to become pretty worried after twenty minutes of having danny tell me he swears he's serious. i tell him that i am getting really worried about him and that i don't want to be this worried unless it's appropriate. he sweats it is. our birthday happens around this time but we don't notice.
weiss in his death throes but still eating my hot fries. he was begging joey for bread at one point in the night.

i tell danny i'm going for a walk because i don't want to be around him and that he should go to sleep. i leave the room and then he follows me into the hallway and says he's fine, that he just needs me to walk him home. i tell him i'll either take him to the hospital or sign him out. i go sign him out and he asks me to walk him to the train. i say that if he can't trust himself to make it to the train without me, then how can i feel good about letting him onto the train once we get to it. i would put him in a cab, but we have no money. i'm asking him if he'll swear on our friendship that he'll be fine if i leave him and he finally decides we can say goodnight at broadway and canal. i go back and tell my roomate that either weiss is dead or he just put me through the gnarliest friendship test imaginable. i was so worried. i fall asleep. i wake up in the morning and see the text i asked danny to send me once he got home. then there's another, in which he apologizes but swears he wasn't putting me on either. happy birthday galen and danny!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

yes i guess

clowning, not fighting

no takers?
the chinese cart raised its prices :( now fried rice and lo mein are 1.25 instad of a dollar. oh well it's still not bad so long as i remember to grab a quarter before leaving my spot. it's the breaking a dollar part that's annoying.

Monday, January 28, 2008

from "Return Again, Traveler" by Norman Rosten

Dreaming of peace and sunlight forever
we spanned a sea by a strange rumor,
across the long horizon with the late sun burning
into its curved sky, holding our prow against the star:
Believing in a free place, believing the earth
was still free for us if we believed it!
(The rumor said: Here is your land,
come and get it, march over it,
come and take the valleys in your hands!)

Our blood was clean and we had hope;
we let fall into the water our simple clothes:
it was our wish to arrive beautiful.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Then there's that old Lord Maurice, not a whit more tame for his grey hairs

ty brought his own blanket to sleep with this time
looks tempting!
but we have our plan and we're sticking to it. go to the mulberry street pho house and dine like champs. the big kid digs in to some soft shell crab
yeah! chin comes through to 12th and a. we had a pretty fun, if pretty short session here, then over to autumn to watch some of the man who souled the world. it was funny as shit.
i've never been here before but i'll go again. good tacos for 2.75. on 9th and first maybe

max fresh out of the shower. iglu tru!
down at the chinatown bodega they used to sell colt 45s for 1.99, too. i noticed theyd stopped getting the ones with the price tag so they could sell them for 2.50. now this place in brooklyn wants to up their prices even on the ones they still have in stock. imagine someone's grimy fingernail after he scrapes that off of their remaining colt inventory
from max's first video. i'm glad to see someone along with me had d3s
Sam: it's weird to see you in shorts
max: i used to not own pants
sam: now you don't own shorts
max: i just go through phrases

sam's handiwork
cory kennedy isn't stoked
sam is!
so is ck's sister. she was pretending she was a fish while we were acting like we were on a rollercoaster.

some girl on the craig's list personal page. hahahahahahahahaha
ginger is coming to new york to live for a month in march i think. everyone is pretty excited
this truck set up shop on n8th and bedford. I copped a vegetarian burrito and it was really really good and probably better than anything i could have purchased with meat, although i got tyler a beef taco and he said that was really tasty, too. they have radishes in the tacos which is cool
jack ready to challenge me in a 24 pounding contest

each head on each girl corresponds to a rider. we figured out that beibel is the orange basketball, BA is the black street pirate, and mccrank is the red maple leaf. figure out the rest and demonstrate to yourself your knowledge of pro skater lifestyle accessorization.
this is mostly remarkable since you can see the n64 controller that sam made into a bong

smile setting washes the face out too much a lot of the time
there's some sort of party trick you can play and convince people that you're psychic
jack won

zooming in on lucian from across the party!
chilling hard on rotisserie chicken and mayo... the real pimps were on the other side of the room dipping rolls into hummus