Wednesday, January 16, 2008

chilling in the name of

dope sign. this is off the traintracks over by jessy's house. you can only see the sign during the winter because in summertime leaves block it

this is martin place. the good houses are on the north side of half a block, but i'd guess it's the nicest cluster of houses in franklin. the only ones more expensive would maybe be the fake houses in the subdivisions?

~rich people have always loved to party!~

this dude hates spelling out 'for.' fucking loves guns more than money though!

this guy probably too.

and all this guy loves is the colts. :( imagine how bummed everyone must have been leaving the hoosier dome the other day. i bet it was silent and no one was making eye contact as they all walked out in their replica jerseys. oh well, there's always next year!

the house was whatevs but imagine having that sturdy pine in the front yard!

a better view of the awesome small house

my parents and i watched the state of the state given by governor mitch daniels

then up to indianapolis!

why did i lug super oscar the whole way up when all he wants to do is chill with his knapsack?

yeah! the big kid skipped town and still hadn't finished a 24 case so they became my inheritance!

then we head to the bar! see this on the way.

the road is blocked off and we have to take our own detour since the retard traffic cop tells us to take what is clearly marked as a dead end street. there's some girl at the bar talking about the whole scene and apparently two cop cars were chasing a beamer and then it ran up a phone pole and tried to back up and keep going and it all came to an end around here. gnarly!

matt doesn't want to take any chances on the facilities in the bar!

matt doesn't want to take any chances on the bar not being stocked!

but would may's lounge ever really let you down?

nope. free darts and the cheapest drink is miller chill for 1.25 or you can just be a normal person and get a bucket of four domestics for eight dollars. i put girl with faraway eyes on the jukebox since its so good and would make the best credits song to the nollie flips and jump shots video that drops at the end of summer2008
weird facilities

i forget how matt knows this girl. she went to high school with my friends from summer camp neal and dane!
matt's other friend. smile setting of course

i'm matt. i'm always falling asleep.

i'm texas. i never whisper.
oh shit! i'm on my way to value world when i see another wreck at almost the exact same spot as last night. just missed this one too. the traffic cop is waving me through so i continue on to...

better and cheaper than goodwill. 4 indianapolis locations. i copped a dope green and black wool hunting jacket for like 9 bucks. nice try earnest sewn.

then i cruise back and the scene is a bit less hectic so i stop for a second. they're about to tow him, but just before he was turned around and halfway up the sidewalk.

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