Monday, January 14, 2008

things to do in indiana when you're dead

went to yat's to meet up with weddle and corwin. Z was working so we feasted like kings
i'd just eaten dinner but i got a plate of food anyway. corwin ate weddle's crawfish dish by accident and then gets freaked out because he's allergic to shellfish. he toughed it out though, and was fine enough to head out for his graveyard shift at the grocery store.

cool! you can do lines thanks to that quarterpipe against the back wall.
fuck yeah! best video

another classic. i would watch this when i was in high school and get so stoked about coming to new york.

then casson and weddle and i go to the pool hall. it's $3.30 hourly per person. seems like quite a deal.

weddle and casson are both better than i am.

the next morning was about 50 and sunny even though it's january. i was in the hood so figured i would go back and check out the house where i spent my first 1.5 years of life. it's in woodruff place, which was the setting for booth tarkington's the magnificent ambersons. it wasn't yellow when i lived there.

dope fountain down the block

then i cruised east on e.10th street and found this excellent dining option. chili dogs, &c.

another choice choice.

i didn't cop.

this is on jared's fridge
and then these three were taken with the smile setting on my new camera that can tell when subjects are smiling and shoots the photo at the peak of the grin.

colin and jayme bought a house! it's the mcnutt house in honor of franklin's legendary statesman

then we went ghost hunting but forgot flashlights.

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