Tuesday, January 22, 2008

my conversation with isak tonight:

irollon20inches: yo!
irollon20inches: my roomate is in your poesy class
nychighrolla: really?
nychighrolla: howd you know?
nychighrolla: does he skate?
irollon20inches: yeah, he can front 5-0 pop out and backside nosegrind
nychighrolla: front 5-0 pop out
nychighrolla: like 5 0 and comeout in the middle?
irollon20inches: yeah
nychighrolla: so no switch tres ten?
nychighrolla: then//?
irollon20inches: he's not amazing or anything but still good for a dude
irollon20inches: he saw you at a reading once and you had your skateboard
irollon20inches: and then he's seen you skating around campus
irollon20inches: and he saw you were wearing what looked like more real skate gear
nychighrolla: he told you all that?
nychighrolla: joey right?
irollon20inches: yeah
nychighrolla: yeah
nychighrolla: he was cool
nychighrolla: he was in my group today
nychighrolla: i'll bro down with him next week
irollon20inches: yeah its some other kid from the midwest who randomly knows all about you
nychighrolla: seriously
nychighrolla: did you put him on to the snacks?
irollon20inches: yeah he's checking always, he came out and skated midtown with me and miles a couple of times
nychighrolla: oh sick
nychighrolla: yeah, he's a nice dude
nychighrolla: i saw him today
nychighrolla: he had templetons on
nychighrolla: i was curious
irollon20inches: ha, skateradar!
nychighrolla: yeah
nychighrolla: funny how we're always on point
irollon20inches: can i post this conversation on my blog
irollon20inches: oh do you know i have a blog?
nychighrolla: do it

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