Tuesday, January 15, 2008

finally snowed here

came across this in my house yesterday!my first grade teacher mrs. mitchell submitted my poem. i think everyone's got in.
early evidence of my empathy for mankind

can you read this? probably not. it's my MRI result and it basically says that i have a tear in my right knee's meniscus. i'll have to get surgery but it's not nearly as major as anything i've been in the habit of getting done. i'll be able to walk the next day and then full recovery by six weeks. maybe get it done over spring break or at the beginning of the summer? i guess this explains why i havent been able to skate without pain for the past few months

went out for a walk in the snow and came across this dude who must have been colder than i was

there's probably a scientific explanation for this

all of my allowance used to go to this place. this was the spot to buy all your basketball trading cards. we all used to meet up at school super early so we could trade cards before school started. the dude tommy who runs the shop is really nice.

you can kinda see the dark spots on the corkboard where cards used to be. he's liquidated most of his card inventory and i'd guess he makes most of his money off coins now. he'd have to?

the christmas lights are still hanging from the courthouse but they aren't lit up anymore

this is don and dona's. ask anyone who goes there and they will tell you that it's a "franklin institution." then franklin decides to pass a law that bans smoking in public restaurants and places in general. all of the white trash smokers who come here every morning get pissed. then the restaurant decides to become a "private club" instead of a public dining establishment. they charge people one dollar to purchase a yearly membership and that way they can skirt the law. they're wack.

ann's restaurant is where the real pimps eat. it's located on the back side of the courthouse so its way more lowkey and in the cut. it's smoke free and they have better food. they have macaroni and ketchup, which i've never seen at a restaurant before. i rarely go here, either. it is only open for breakfast and lunch, which are the two meals i never eat out when i'm home. i took danny and mia when they came to visit. if you come out maybe i'll take you too!

kinda cool

would be a lot cooler if it was purdue colors

one time i walked here with jessy and Z and corwin and some dude told us we had shown up just a few minutes too late.
"oh yeah?" we said. "why?"
"well we just got rid of two real nice bongs."
bummer! i think zwiesler ended up getting one of those green canvas military style jackets. he found a taco bell wrapper in one of the pockets.
fuck yeah! the local skate shop! i'm assuming it's still in business, i have only been in there once, since the guy who owns it opens it up after he gets done working his other job. a pretty awesome name, regardless.

but then just a few blocks down in the police station. it might be because the skatepark is out behind it, but these retards went completely overboard with their no skateboarding signage. it's hilarious though because they apparently hate skateboarding so much that they are willing to cover their whole building in no skating signs until it seems that halting skateboarding on their property is a huge concern.

there are five of these in the parking lot and five of them on the building. they must have gotten a deal on ten of them and then plastered them everywhere so none would go to waste.

why bother with cornerstones?

you can see one on the right of the picture. because people are retarded enough to skate in front of a police station?

if no skateboarding signs are too obvious, you could take the alternate route of throwing a fence in front of the stair set so people can't skate it. people can't walk up it either, but the only people who actually manage not to drive in franklin are the skateboarders, so its not like blocking these steps actually inconveniences the nonexistent pedestrians.
ha. so i'm walking through the college and then i slip and fall really hard. my ski mask even comes off! i'm cold anyway and now i'm bummed and feeling retarded so i start heading home. i see this on the way home.

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