Saturday, January 26, 2008

prayers on fire

fridge pic! young gabe tennen as if you couldn't tell
r. kelly lyrics on mike's wall
a pea revolution on the way!
the vietnamese sandwich spot on mott and broome. seth brau lives around the corner and says it gives him msg headaches, but i don't know what those are and have nothing but love for this place. they have vegan lemongrass tofu sandwich which is what i always get. good fresh juices, too. they always wait to take your money until they hand you the sammie, and one time matt and i took our meals and left withou realizing we hadn't paid. then we went back to even the account. the guy said it was fine and that it happened all the time. maybe that would be a clue to change something? or it could be a test to see who their true bros are, which in that case is a dope idea
i was babysitting the other night and luc and i read this excellent story "nilda" by junot diaz. luc said he'd "never read a story like that before." i asked him what he meant and he said "a sex story." then we talked about how it will be rough when he goes to high school next year and all the girls he likes start dating older guys, which kinda relates to the story.
the banner across her chest says "mermaids"

my brother came in from DC. i just realized i don't have any pictures of him yet. we went up to mikes but didn't want to waste money on a subway so we skated. he hadn't been on the board in a year he guessed but i threw him on my cruiser and took off. it was my own version of a bro test and he passed like a champ even with two 40s in his backpack.
we see this girl stumbling into best price. she's powerfaded and trying to find her way to "the third avenue north dormitory." she's going the wrong direction so we get her straightened out as much as we can.
michel always reminds me of david berman

it's jerum's birthday at fontana's but ty lacks an ID so i figure i'll have to miss it. at mikes i see that brendan is on the cover of focus mag and so i call jerum to tell him i saw it. jerum is at max fish and says there's no one at the door. we cruise down
no way it's justin white (! he's tired either from working on his new video or from matching jerum shot for shot all night. that's jerum's arm that looks like a white man's.
there's the birthday boy. on the interweb a few days ago he told me he was going to be 32 and i believed him. actually 26 though.
some girl dancing. it was really too cold to be attired in this way. justin threw a straw at her at one point in the night but she was too gone to notice. we were there until last call for some reason.

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