Saturday, January 19, 2008

masters of war

welcome! jessy and i went to the auction barn on friday night. we got there pretty late so there were slim pickins

didn't cop

too late for these

not for sale?

success! jessy wins a golden deer head for one dollar!

damn. while we were bidding some fools were getting to work!

there was a gnarly murder scene with dead kids. this guy called the indianapolis star to give his confession before turning himself in.

one of my old friend jacob heiney is leaving for basic training on monday. my parents and i went down to his mom's new house to have a goodbye party!

more stately mansions?

damn. too bad vegetarians can't eat chicken wings. or most things at party tables. i ate a lot of radishes... watch my dad dig in though!

katy bayless had a child! my mom holding her infant, perhaps named grace!

this is jacob! keep him in your thoughts. i played so many games of basketball with this dude!

new boots!

who sits down to play guitar hero?

not galen and kurt!

not galen and rhonda either!

jacob taking drink requests!

what?! imagine having a nice tap and some really good kind of beer available all the time! i took advantage!

heyyyy pupster!

the party heats up! this is jacob's mom, pam. she's my mom's best friend and is awesome and nice.

kaylee? i don't know how to spell that name. she wants to go to nyu. her drink tastes like hawaii, courtesy of jacob

the kids are alright

my dad probably being glad tyler and i are grown up

yeah kaylee! cars are made to be broken.

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