Sunday, January 27, 2008

Then there's that old Lord Maurice, not a whit more tame for his grey hairs

ty brought his own blanket to sleep with this time
looks tempting!
but we have our plan and we're sticking to it. go to the mulberry street pho house and dine like champs. the big kid digs in to some soft shell crab
yeah! chin comes through to 12th and a. we had a pretty fun, if pretty short session here, then over to autumn to watch some of the man who souled the world. it was funny as shit.
i've never been here before but i'll go again. good tacos for 2.75. on 9th and first maybe

max fresh out of the shower. iglu tru!
down at the chinatown bodega they used to sell colt 45s for 1.99, too. i noticed theyd stopped getting the ones with the price tag so they could sell them for 2.50. now this place in brooklyn wants to up their prices even on the ones they still have in stock. imagine someone's grimy fingernail after he scrapes that off of their remaining colt inventory
from max's first video. i'm glad to see someone along with me had d3s
Sam: it's weird to see you in shorts
max: i used to not own pants
sam: now you don't own shorts
max: i just go through phrases

sam's handiwork
cory kennedy isn't stoked
sam is!
so is ck's sister. she was pretending she was a fish while we were acting like we were on a rollercoaster.

some girl on the craig's list personal page. hahahahahahahahaha
ginger is coming to new york to live for a month in march i think. everyone is pretty excited
this truck set up shop on n8th and bedford. I copped a vegetarian burrito and it was really really good and probably better than anything i could have purchased with meat, although i got tyler a beef taco and he said that was really tasty, too. they have radishes in the tacos which is cool
jack ready to challenge me in a 24 pounding contest

each head on each girl corresponds to a rider. we figured out that beibel is the orange basketball, BA is the black street pirate, and mccrank is the red maple leaf. figure out the rest and demonstrate to yourself your knowledge of pro skater lifestyle accessorization.
this is mostly remarkable since you can see the n64 controller that sam made into a bong

smile setting washes the face out too much a lot of the time
there's some sort of party trick you can play and convince people that you're psychic
jack won

zooming in on lucian from across the party!
chilling hard on rotisserie chicken and mayo... the real pimps were on the other side of the room dipping rolls into hummus

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