Thursday, January 31, 2008

i said newark i landed in newark

from my birthday

at andrews apartment. i have four 40s leftover from when danny got really high and bring them along.
jake comes down and is suitably attired for this festive occasion
the first friend i made at nyu! first day i saw him in the cafeteria wearing a matix shirt so i sat down and we started bro'ing. i've been calling him simkiss for so long that i have trouble getting in the habit of using his more epic new nickname of 'quist. as in johnny quist.
want to laugh this hard? listen to van halen singing when it's just the vocals that he laid down. it's somewhere online. ask seth if you can't find it.

(wade's photo deleted)

first note that this is a real id and there is a percentage sign in the address for some reason. then you ask, jake has wate oates from the virgins id? word. that's pretty cool. so are the virgins
we were watching shotgun and the seth brau shows up. since we're watching shotgun, why aren't we shotgunning beers he asks. without waiting for an answer he goes out to the deli and returns with a sixpack of tall boys! PBR even. so we kill them on his front porch. there are only five of us, and seth mans up and downs a second one immediately after the first. epic!
oops! jake couldn't keep his shotgun down! it was probably a lowkey strategy to open up more room for once we get to the bar.
isaac is so sick. so is sean. i probably see sean on the streets between classes more than i see anyone. it's always a treat.
samo and the mickster! the only bro i've ever made from actual class at nyu is mickey.

galen and the mickster downing jaegar! thanks to everybody who bought me shots, mickey and dean and lucian and isaac and maybe other people? things are getting hazy

i think we all saw this coming
i think mickey is making the sign of his band. he is also with a bandmate in this photo. the band is called white arrows and they're really good.
you'd know the gang if you were in it

i forgot a pen today so i went in to commerce and copped one. just one of the many services they provide to me.