Friday, January 18, 2008

no marigolds in the promised land

awesome! because of our farm we get to participate in the agricultural census. official business indeed.

this was in the indianapolis star on wednesday.

being home on break is pretty sick because i can play as many games of pinball as i want. it's the best transitional activity and an excellent way to kill five minutes. something i can play while a pizza is in the oven. or when i finish up writing for the day. or when i want to beat my dad at something

on college and somewhere in the 40s. they sell chicken wings for really cheap if you are in the mood and not a vegetarian.

tall boys!

weddle and i watched bootleg 3000, a j. strickland minor masterpiece

sk8 johnson!

brian michaud! where is this guy now? can i chill with him?

weddle makes a casserole type dish for the two of us and i take a photo of it with the cuisine setting on my camera

then we watched rough crowd. it's an old chicago video that has a full josh harmony pary before he got on toy. it also has the chill indiana section.

yeah brett star! yeah major taylor! Z is getting major taylor tattooed on his body perhaps right now as i type this!

weddle's car

not weddle's car

oh shit gas is down to 2.61! better take advantage!

poached fotos of people filling up:

kind of winter?

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