Thursday, January 10, 2008

trip to the creek to look at the flood!

i went up to the northside to go to the wrist doctor and he told me that my wrist healed perfectly! i didn't want to go back down to franklin then up to indy again with my family so i killed time at the new library in indy before i met them for dinner

this is the part of the library that's always been there. looks pretty normal
then the whole silver modernist part!

i described the courtyard area pretty poorly to you so this is photographic evidence

and the god's eye view looking down on fools

there are these small hubba type things on each side in the front but there are always guards so good luck. my brother claims back noseslide! i claim, um..., tailslide? jt aultz or little brett should nosemanual it

then in franklin today i go to explore the damage done by the rain that came all day two days ago. from my dad's testimony and the puddles everywhere, it must have been worse yesterday.

blao! found these kids throwing pieces of wood into the water so i stopped to chill

i told them i was going to check out the water under 31 so this dude brought his and his homie's bikes over.

here's the crew! the one on the left is rory. he is 12. he is currently suspended from school for kicking this dude Mr Raines, who is like the head disciplinarian, in the shin. With his steel toed boot! he made him fall over! he can't go back to school until the 17th. chilling in the meantime! this other one is jimmy i think. he's 16 and goes to the new high school. or more like he never goes. he just wants to chill with rory. i asked him what would make him want to go to school and he said that if they showed more tv, or took more camping field trips.

fuck yeah! how's that for a christmas present. 45 dollars at walmart! it weighs like 3 pounds. he keeps it in a sheath in his pants pocket. good for gutting deer?

yeah right! it's for merking your homeboys! blood spurted everywhere just after this photo! then we tossed him into the river like one of those logs!

this creek is normally a road.

this tree is normally vertical

step 1

step 2

get em!

why's he hiding when he already has camo on?

to light up! look out templeton, teenage smokers vol. 2

no, i guess you won't be riding your bike under 31 for a bit

no, i guess you won't be sitting on your lawn chair until you grow the balls to go out and retreive it
one time rory's bike got stolen from his front yard. he saw it the next day in the guy's yard on like main and adams who sells bikes for 10 dollars. the dude had spraypainted it so rory wouldn't recognize it but rory found some scratches that he knew were on his. i asked if he went to the cops or what, since the guy seems to obviously be running a shady operation. hell no. rory got some bolt cutters, clipped the lock, and stole the bike back on his own. g-code!
what's up. i'm ryan mcginley. welcome to my new photoblog. it's called more than galen and miles

when was the last time you saw a limo that wasn't a stretch? when you're chilling with these dudes. i told them i was going to go into town to look around and rory asked if they could come along. i could tell he wasn't used to having people to talk to and so we cruised!

you can't really tell, mostly because its filled with dirt and who knows what else, but we used to have this be our clubhouse and we would chill down there. ray browne, alec hass, and galen dekemper!

shouldn't they have at least used red? people come down here to have sex apparently. that's what these kids say.

went over to the former j-mart with these guys still. we passed my crib and i pointed it out to them. rory said he always loved that house, which meant a lot to me in a way i can't describe. i had the feeling he doesn't say things that he loves very often. he was seriously so stoked to talk though and we traded notes on teachers we both have had and shit like that. he was asking me questions about new york, like if i'd been to the statue of liberty. fuck. these are seriously okay kids but jimmy says he'll probably drop out soon and then what the fuck's rory gonna do? he's already suspended and says he won't be able to go on the DC trip that all the 8th graders take because his grades are too bad. i tell him that it isn't until next year and so they won't hold this years grades against him. he says he'll still probably be failing then, too. i tried to give him some lowkey advice since he seemed interested in the things i would say. his mom used to live on the south side of my block and she loves this house too. she works at the max and erma's in greenwood. they live over in the doubles now.

it's too blurry to really tell but i think this house would be awesome to live in. so small and cozy in the winters and airy in the summers.
"it's the qwik-e mart but with no apu." bummer! still they have a mo' thugs cd for sale inside for 1.99. i would have hopped all over that if i was still rory's age.

we bought gummi worms instead.
as soon as we got outside it started to rain really hard to we split up to go homes. later dudes

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