Sunday, January 6, 2008

trip to columbus for MAX's birthday!

so the night before i went to columbus i went out with brad and jared and colin and warrenburg and his girlfriend to the willard. wheeler looking so american and awesome. this kid has the best jump shot i have ever seen. you will see more of him in the future when he accompanies galen and miles to las vegas for a weekend of mayhem!

once at the willard we drank a lot and saw megan heiney.
camsy struggling while wheeler is so chipper because camsy is struggling

i took this on my way home in between bending over to throw up in alleys. i went home to say goodnight to my parents and then fell down the stairs as i was walking back down. my mom got worried but i told her i was okay then went out back and threw up some more. i get to bed and i guess i forget to set my alarm and my mom wakes me up at 9:30 and i drive up to indy to pick up z and then we go to weddles!

GAME TIME! we picked up weddle, who was sleeping with binkley, who didn't want to come. sucks for him.

remember how you'll see a photo from a long time ago and the most remarkable part is how cheap gas used to be?

we bought this because it looked pretty epic. it's basically an audiobook i guess. the lady at the truck stop said that the drivers really like it. it sucks really bad tho. we searched through the disc for a sex scene but couldn't find one.

the trip was maybe 2 hrs 45 min but Z couldn't hang. what a pussy!
then we get to max's house and we're all so stoked. he shows us his room and i come across this gem:

this is max as a child! and probably his favorite picture of himself
then we go off to ben's house, which is really really clean but cold because they don't want to waste money on heating

bummer! ben can't treflip

chilled with this dude for a while... i think i am going to start getting into french fries, they are really good and also i can eat them while i go out with my friends and they eat hamburgers
we get bored and wanna skate but the miniramp session won't start until 7 so we go to downtown columbus to kill some time. the entire city is soaked but we do skate this secret spot for 2 minutes until cops come from two directions at once. sorry chiefs!

then we go to the columbus convention center to go to that double set that dompierre backside flipped in an old thrasher article that o'dell wrote. we see the spot and it is cool, but nothing compared to....

this fool! and all of his bretheren! who came out for an anime convention that blew all of our minds. these people were so nice though so its hard to hate too much. its better that they're happy in a costume than crying in their room because they're losers?

"fuck yeah! you're exactly right" says this awesome lady, who has a mullet that you can't really see as well as you should.

benny chilling with some sort of raccoon with a pizza on his chest? DFL!

ginger and his dream girl! "Dream maker. will you make my dreams come true?"
"she looks like one of those kung-fu bitches. one of those little ninja shits."
we watched baker2g earlier and knox quotes were floating through my head.

mini ramp time! weddle and i were supposed to learn front tails on this but then about 15 people were skating it so it wasn't as much fun as it should have been. that didn't stop benny from destroying tho!

then to a party at j bruce's for max's birthday. the whole party goes to the back porch to get high!
we chill there for a bit but then all of the babes leave to go to a frat party... :(
we should come though, they tell us, and so we do. little do we know the insanity that awaits.
this fucking frat house is huge and we walk up three flights of stairs and then through narrow hallways filled with jocks and i finally duck into this room. the babe holding the bong is mid rip and when she exhales she throws up the horns like she's epic. i take the photo!

"this better not end up on facebook"

yeah there were two beer pong tables that looked exactly like this one, with so many empty 30pack boxes under the table. the house we were at earlier had its own beer pong table too!


what if all of the alcohol make you have to use the restroom? the fine gentlemen at this frat offer you the following options:

i guess i'll go in the front yard when i leave...

these people were rapping ghetto cowboy to each other and weren't that stoked when i caught them in the act

then i caught these fools in the act

we pretty much covered the house in these. RISE!

what up babes! these girls were way down to party. they are benny's girlfriends friends. they invite us back to their apartment. sounds good! max steals a 30pack and so we head out like pimps. round 3 of the party ensues, and what better way to start off than with a game of party jenga that the girls created themselves!

the kid in the white claims he can kickflip and varialflip. he is actually a nice dude.

hey babe!

then this girl starts peeling a raw potato and sprinkling salt on it to take bites of it. earlier in the night she was playing beerpong and drinking her own bottle of beer as she played, which i thought was pretty bold. she might have killed a 12 pack by herself

yeah jerome!

i took about 10 pictures that are variations on this theme. basically, we were still at the frat party and this dude walks by. i tell Z that he is the most jock dude i have ever seen and so Z calls him chief so many times that the dude gets pissed and wants to fight matt. that doesn't happen for some reason, but he ends up back at these girls' house with us somehow and so we chief the fuck out of him the whole night. the last we saw of him, he was standing on a balcony and ginger threw a penny at him. worst dude ever. he is 25.

imagine the lucky breezy who will draw this the next time they're pregaming!

yeah erik! trying to hook up with passed out girls. no wonder we all hate you.

max kept going up to him and rolling him and the dude kept getting pissed. i think this was around when we all left or something. nights over!
at max's in the morning i look through this book on growin up and find some cool shit.

then the camera runs out. fuck!
oh well. thanks for reading. thanks to the iglu crew for being so great of dudes! see you all soon.


Clay Kessack said...

you guys get down with any sluts that night?

Anonymous said...

i've been gettin hard into fries lately. (no hamburgers? are you a vegetarian now?)
anyway. come to muncie thursday; i have epic plans.