Wednesday, March 19, 2008

what shall we do tomorrow? what shall we ever do?

the field is full, sorry slowpokes. here are the 16 contenders in the 2008 first annual $ morethangalenandmiles $ writing contest. they have until wednesday the 26th to send in their first entries, so it'll get started immediately after that.

Luc Clements is the 8th grader i don't babysit.

Jake Fournier is an nyu student that marcelle found for me.

Helen Manning is another nyu student that marcelle found for me.

Lindsey Dowswell is another nyu student that marcelle found for me. i think all three of them have read in search of lost time.

Amalia Child is in my creative writing class.

Chris Francis made the classic Indiana skateboarding video The Other Side of Things.

Pete Cavanaugh is my best writing friend from Indiana.

Matt Zwiesler is my best friend.

Sam Newell only started skating a year and a half ago but is more down to rip than almost anyone.

Max Palmer is from Ohio and rides the loosest trucks I know.

Jack Greer once skated to "Gravel Pit" in his skate video part.

Todd Jordan is a pro skater!

Ted Barrow had a really good part in Lurkers 2 and is from Texas.

Jared Campbell is my best high school friend and goes to William & Mary.

Joey Calavenna is my roommate.

Dean Levin loves max fish.


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