Sunday, March 6, 2011

passed times, pastimes

How has the past year or two been? Here is some evidence of my past season's life when I had a camera with me.

Thanks to the graciousness of Roctakon and the DJ Kango and Arisa wedding party, I found myself in Tokyo for a week.
My first night view of Tokyo from the Hotel Cerulean. It was such a dope hotel. The showers were glass enclosed party spaces and there was a really good french pastry shop downstairs.
Here is me at Club Harlem with the homie and excellent tour guide Hiro Numata. From airport arrival to airport departure, Hiro knew of the best parties, best places to drink beer, best places for birdwatching, best ways to hail cabs, best places to look at old clothes, etc, etc.
Here is the lovely betrothed couple, DJ Kango and Arisa.
here we are at Feria. This is where the european model girls go, or something. DJ Mateo was spinning hard.

once I started partying at this table was around the last of my memories.
hiro described this establishment as "snobby." It did not serve the drink Le Baron that helps make its Parisian counterpart so memorable. Nevertheless, it is a pleasure to see a photo of Le Baron Andre while in a foreign land.

When we first walked into Club Harlem, Salute by Dipset was playing and we knew we had found a home away from home.

Roctakon and DJ Alamaki. We found this restaurant on our own and ate there twice. It is the Japanese Lovely Day, more or less.

Here is Roctakon and the groom himself, DJ Kango at the wedding reception.

Roctakon and I skated around without much grand success at spot finding, besides this gem. We imagined it being like someone coming to the East Village and looking for spots. Perhaps we were just in the wrong areas. Luckily, we would have a guide on our last night.
Pryce put us in touch with the homie Yo Sawada. He came and picked us up from the hotel. I was going to sit shotgun so I stood in front of the door waiting for him to open it. He was standing beside me and I wondered what was going on. Then I remembered that what is shotgun in America is the driver's seat in Japan. So I walked to the other side. He took us to good spots and we had a thrilling night of skating around. We generally took video instead of photos. stay stacking, etc.
Props to Huf for doing a nose wheelie at this spot. The ground was rough, the run up was from where I took the photo and the tiles are slippery.
in search of refreshments, we found a convenience store. Yo left his board outside and went in. We figured we should too, since this is not a practice I would practice most places.
I wanted to visit this spot after seeing the Cliche dudes rip it in Bon Appetit. Yo led us there.

It is a pleasure to see photos of Ryan Hickey on the walls in a foreign land.
I'm not sure how many of these are left in the world.

stop into Great Burger in Harujuku if you want to see this sign and eat an excellent burger. We did twice.
thanks to burton money? the Sovereign Sect has a Tokyo outpost. It was a treat to see Alex Davis's face on a poster in a foreign land.
one person in this photo was not born on January 30th
yes, Jerum's birthday is not January 30th
Harlem Jazz and Gospel Getaway
There was a Andy Warhol exhibit at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. He made this for a set of Tiffany's christmas cards.

For christmas my parents gifted me a value world gift card. What a great, long lasting treat. There is usually at least one good collared shirt to be found. I used to get all of my Five Brothers flannels from these stores but have not seen as many around in the past two years.
If you go to the highest point in Indianapolis, you will find yourself atop a hill in Crown Hill Cemetery at the tomb of James Whitcomb Riley, the great Hoosier poet. Then you can bomb the hill back down. It is a steep curvy bomb and probably the most thrilling thing you can do in Indianapolis.
i saw this spot from an interstate off ramp. the run up is very difficult to navigate and i would be impressed if anyone was able to skate it.
Around Christmastime, those Indy Beautes present had a meeting with General Tso. Pat Binkley came down from Chicago with his girlfriend who took the photograph, Chris Francis of quite frankly fame flew in from San Diego, Mike Hobie bought a new dodge truck, and Ryan Weddle's house is the broad ripple headquarters
I prefer skating in contact lenses, but the ex games offers optical products as well
the big kid enters my domain

this skeleton was on the back patio one morning. I saw some feathers elsewhere so hypothesize that this is from a bird.
Galen, Ryan Weddle and Pat Hill drove to Columbus, Ohio for the premiere of the latest IGLU crew masterwork, Whassamatta You? With each copy of the video came a homemade scratchoff ticket made from acrylic paint and dishwashing liquid. took more video than photos.
ginger was there. we watched The Ginger Video twice with great pleasure
sweet dreams homies


Jared said...

I think the animal gore photo is more likely a rabbit. That bone in the top left looks to be a femur. A bird wouldn't have one. Keep rockin and shockin!

Jared said...

Check that, birds do have femurs. And that large, odd-shaped bone in the right of your photo is almost certainly a bird pubis. Good call!

scott davidson said...

As an older art collector since my wife passed away, I must admit to being very partial to collecting nudes in art, as original paintings or as good prints, that I have displayed all over the house. (I like to see the surprised faces of my new visitors).
This one,, by Emile Munier, is hanging in one corner of my bedroom and was printed by, where I am a very good customer.