Sunday, March 27, 2011

these fragments i have shored against my ruins

this is cash that i spent in japan. it must have gone toward drinks and shoes. please continue to keep sending good vibes and red cross donations japan's way
bird on patrol

mr dans is good. they are open 24 hours, have a variety of burger toppings and sprinkle seasoning salt on their fries. also, you can wash your car while on the block.

white girls love st. patrick's day. my middle name is patrick so the holiday is worthwhile for me. it is the day of the year when my birthday festivities finally draw to a close.

i took the photo since the pup was loving the day, yat's is also present, so props to them.

this is at Indianapolis Museum of Art. It's part of this vast depiction of hell and is most likely the best piece of art in the museum. it's good to know that people were thinking about hell in creative ways a long time ago.
this lady, laurel fletcher, was married to booth tarkington for a minute.
this cost 50 cents and will look good enough to eat, so is nearly a quartersnack.

the misspelling is fitting

this maserati doesn't run right now, but maybe this isn't the last you will see of the machine.
once i told jessica latus about the pinball machine, she knew the truck stop of which i spoke

late night session at hutch's ramp. timing action shots on a digital camera takes effort.
so do front feebles.


jayylahh said...

glad to see that i pop up in your blog in reference to the sleazy pinball machine

jake wyler said...

me too. maybe you'll appear again after the seis de mayo party. perhaps even sooner