Friday, April 11, 2008

armageddon has been in effect, grab a late pass

15) I thrust my shining sword into his loin,
This man crumpled, stepping over him
I see a girl, she levitates my groin.
The chaos she was causing made me grim.
With duels and death surrounding us we fought
With icy grip she grasped my throbbing heart.
My heart in hand it was what she had sought
after. She killed her suitors as an art.
And yet I will not let that be my fate.
I see us kissing under the oak tree
With leaves a swirl, this is the perfect date.
She finds herself to be in love with me.
At last I place her gently on my bed,
And as I bend to kiss—“off with his head!”

So me and Ginger roll up to the back of Danger Zone
and park next to Perry’s truck. Him and Gary are in
the front seat with poodletits, just fuckin yelling.
We show up to the truck and poddletits leaves the
truck immediately. Perry is yelling “I had the girl,
in the truck, with the reggae, it was perfect”, and
apperntly gary had shown up then us and we fuckin
ruined it. Gary is chugging a half empty bag of wine
that he stole from the lame fratboy neighbors. Then
we were all in the back of the truck and Perry was
really pissed about us ruining his chance with
poodletits, and he blamed all of us but mostly me and
ginger even though we barley had anything to do with
it. First he tries to rough us up, but then him and
Gary resort to pissing off the side of the truck, so
Perry then tries to put his dick on me to get revenge
and I am forced to jump ship. I don’t if this was the
same night, it could have been the other night that
Larry the snitch showed up with a stolen bag of wine;
anyways then we started stacking shit on Gary when he
passed out, and he woke up cuddling a piece of wood,
and spilled a full beer that he had been balancing all
night. We convinced that he wanted to cuddle the
piece of wood. Then I walked outside and my car was
gone. Fuck.

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