Tuesday, February 5, 2008

a copy of garage days and to tell me the truth

i wanted to go to the vietnamese sammie place on mott and broome but it was closed for the evening. this place was next door so miles and i went in to get me some food.
i was trying to order noodles with vegetables and the women behind the counter couldn't understand me at all. we had to depend on the homework crew to translate!

they gave us all sorts of shit in the bag so we left in a hurry since we seemed to have gotten away with a steal. then at seths's i realized that one is supposed to pour the soup stuff on top of the noodles, which makes them soft and the meal delicious
seth and miles and i went to see rambo. we saw dennis on the train. we got to the theatre and saw the dude who played warren p cheswick in the old tv show Ed that I loved. he is also in strange wilderness. he was with drew barrymore, who once posed for playboy. one of the movies in the previews was called "midnight meat train."
yeah! epic credits! best line, said by mercenary soldier to christian missionary whom he is rescuing, "god didn't save your life. we did."
"do they sell salt-free?" asks miles

he looks like dylan until he smiles and becomes 'quist. check his new site: thewindthewindisblowing.com
her name is alexis and she has a blog too. check it out at reminiscetherapy.blogspot.com

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