Saturday, February 2, 2008

illegal smile

my last two days.
he settles on this.
i ride seth's board up but it seriously has the tightest trucks i have ever experienced. i would try to carve but it was as if the board waited ten seconds before responding in the slightest. it was a cruiser so it went fast and i tic tac'd my way around corners.
yeah griff! this is at black & white.
i don't know the dude in middle but he seems really pleased with himself. simkiss is stoked in a way less calculated way.
i see little matt walking past me. he keeps telling me how twisted he is and wants to pose anonymously.
oh bummer. everyone besides ted is leaving sweetparadise when i show up. talk to these bros for a bit about how it used to be sick when ross and brendan skated with us.
i used to run two dollar meals at tasty dumpling and now i have to spend seven to avoid meat.

seth and i watched strange wilderness since it was raining.

jr and i walked around the west village for an hour before making it to beatrice.

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