Sunday, February 10, 2008

i walked alone down the miracle mile, i met my baby by the shrine of the martyr

this is like the sunday times version of my blog. i apologize or you're welcome.i walked over to the bowery whole foods and passed the new museum on my way. i think seth and i might go here soon.
i walked from whole foods to my dorm carrying all of this. i had to stop twice to set my bags down. i remembered that i had only set my bags down twice the last time i carried groceries back. i realized that it must have been this hard the last time too, and that i've maintained an equal toughness since then. i imagined that i was in a contest with jared, which is what i always end up doing when i am in a physical challenge to myself.
catherine and i went to see the anne carson reading. it was super crowded. it was super good once it started but i didn't take pictures because it was annoying when other people were doing that instead of watching. the visual momentum of the show was its best part so taking a picture would be beside the point anyway.
jake in four layers
we're going out to jack's for his birthday party. we run into dean at the corner store off the train. "getting the whole party hurt for fifteen dollars"
as a birthday present for jack, martin got a tattoo of a skeleton with a pfc crown
fred durst skated over to the party

nothing happened

this is the next night.
pfc portrait
we had some of those popper things that are like a gay-club version of dusters
this is not brengar sitting at a party by a window smoking a boge

she must have been freezing miles copped
so there for a minute american apparel was running all of those crotch shots and i kinda wondered where they could go next. apparently this girl's ass is the answer

mike moonves is having a party at this place katy and i walked to last year and we all drank a lot of champagne.
now they have a pingpong table
and those gymnast rings
this is not joey pepper reading a newspaper at a party

dean and i were so close to meeting at max fish like we always dream of doing but then we decide that this is more cracking

the making of ... the cobrasnake! i thought he agreed that after kosta was on his site he could retire?

oh that guy? he's just sleeping

someone told me to take a photo of these because they are original warhols
yeah! i'm leaving at like half past three and see this dude cruising up all stoked to party. i head back up for further undocumented mayhem


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

You have got to see this. Obama playing on XBox. Funniest video ever.

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