Sunday, February 17, 2008

not another teen movie

no, i won't. advertisors really have no respect for themselves. i would say what store it is but i don't know anyone who's tempted to shop there anyway
fuck yeah! this is how you advertise. throw up sick flannels in your window and customers will flock. trust me, it's a better idea than begging people to buy your ugly dress shoes. national wholesale liquidators has great deals.
this was on a public access channel
they had about twenty of these that they were looping for a 50 minute program!
car chases next!

willa and her three crushes
forever may she wave
i have had no reason to go here at any time in the past three years.
she was searching the ipod for black flag
all girls should dress more like this.
fuck yeah! neck tats!
he's a bro
she was the second person i saw drinking sparks from a straw last night. she was also the second person i saw who knew clay. she introduced me to a third. i don't know which of these was the most surprising

we were skating down the street and all of a sudden sam is on the sidewalk being super pissed. apparently he saw this ice and thought it was going to be frozen and wanted to skate over it. instead it broke and his board got soaked. still, a pretty epic thought.
ran in to this motley crew at 4 a.m. on the subway platform as i was boarding the manhattan bound. later!


AMY said...

drinking sparks from a straw is crucial. that way you don't get orange-stained lips for the rest of your evening.

Clay Kessack said...


pjb said...

best entry to date

pjb said...

best entry to date