Wednesday, February 13, 2008

new movie coming winter 08

In a world where crime is the universal language and scum are its residents, two cops, worlds apart must band together to save humanity. Jericho Lightening is a california cop, with a wreckless, but powerful style and attitude like the blue waves that crash upon the sun-soaked beach. Jericho's partner, Tokyo Manko, chooses to keep his words and ideas silent and to himself, but don't take him for a small, innocent asian detective. Oh no, Tokyo's strength may not be untamed like the malibu shore, his power is illusive, like the beauty of a black lotus in the midst of many white lotus. Together, these two unlikely partners, will clash culture, and do there best to stop a worldwide terrorist plot. At least, you'd better hope so....they're are only hope.

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leo said...

can i play taji?