Sunday, February 3, 2008

a night with brengar

quotes from brengar in the perhaps hour that i saw him tonight.

-i chewed up a pastry in this girl's bathroom and then spit it up all over the floor. she thought someone chundered. then i stuffed a towel in the sink and turned on the faucets.

-taji did six lines of coke.

-gigliotti loves the cali pound (proceeds to do that cali handshake with gigliotti)

-to miles-california, what were you doing in that sorry excuse for a state. what is it thinking, taking up the entire west coast. and arnold schwartzenager governs them all. why don't they split it up into two states.

-coming back from the counter at wendy's -they just gave me a free philly cheesesteak. i mean they gave me a free refill. they gave me a free refilly cheesesteak.

-brengar to me-you babysit? that's immature.
miles-brengar, your life represents immaturity.
brengar-talk to the hand

-does anyone have a boge for the lovechild?

miles is skating on the sidewalk and a pig comes across the street and calls him out. he's tapping on his billy club as he rolls over
pig to miles- how old are you?
miles to pig- twenty
pig to miles- let me see your id (seconds elapse) holy shit you are twenty.

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Anonymous said...

brengar's the sickest